• Reina Marie Urban


Updated: Feb 4

Dazzling Membership and Rewards

Have you seen the "Rewards" button on our website? Did you know that you can now earn points every time you make a purchase from DazzlingDriftwood.com?

When you sign up for our Dazzling Membership program, you automatically earn points that turn into percentages off your future purchases. We are always adding new ways to earn points (such as following us on social media and referring friends) so check back often.

Points, Rewards and Membership:

Once you've signed up for the Dazzling Membership, you will have access to exclusive points with Dazzling Rewards! Here's how...

  1. For every product you purchase on DazzlingDriftwood.com you'll earn ten reward points for every $1 spent.

  2. Add your birthday* to earn one raffle entry and a BONUS 500 reward points the month of your birthday (see the second video below for a step-by-step how-to).

  3. Refer a Facebook friend from the Rewards panel.

  4. Follow the rewards link* to our Instagram page and follow @DazzlingDriftwood. You'll earn a raffle entry and 250 rewards points!

  5. Follow the rewards link* and like us on Facebook to earn a raffle entry and 250 points.

  6. As an added bonus, you'll automatically receive bonus entries to the monthly Ambassador of Dazzle raffle just for signing up!

*In order to earn points and entries for these actions, make sure to use the rewards dashboard on our website. 

  • After you sign in to Dazzling Membership (bottom right corner of the home page), click the Rewards button in the bottom left corner.

  • Select "Ways to earn" from the panel.

  • Click on the action you'd like to perform and get rewarded.