3 Light Driftwood Chandelier

Currently taking orders for custom pieces 1,800-2,250 depending on what you would like.



Dimensions: 5' Length x 17" Depth x 15" tall

Weight: 17 lbs.



Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color and crystal combinations) are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 

3 Light Driftwood Chandelier

  • Individual and Unique

    Looking for a show stopping, atmosphere setting chandelier that can't be found anywhere else on the planet?  You  have arrived!  Dozens of pieces of intertwined rustic driftwood serve as an unexpected canvas for hundereds of crystal chandelier prisms and three lightbulbs creating a truly spectacular lighted work of art.


    This piece is currently out of stock but I am taking orders.

  • Chandeliers

    Ready to hang wherever you want to dazzle your setting, with the flip of a switch you will be amazed by the spectacular show of shadows and prism sparkles that will fill your room.  We cannot wait to see where this masterpiece lands!

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