Barnacle Encrusted Driftwood, 6"l x 4"d. Both elements of this incredible Suncatching Windchime have been on an epic journey which leads them to you. Barnacle encrusted driftwood spends months in a bed of fire ants and is coated in glistening epoxy resin. Eleven strands of crystal chandelier prisms create a spectacular show of rainbows ๐ŸŒˆ and sound. This piece features an extremely rare 8โ€ Waterford Crystal centerpiece, Aurora Borealius crystals, and eight "Dazzling" spears. Dazzling Driftwood configuration (colors/crystals, etc.)  are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 

Barnacle 11 Clear

    Each Piece is unique & one of a kind!