Behold, thirteen stands of incredible chandleier prisms dripping from driftwood artfully poured with pigmented epoxy resin creating an spectacular Sun-catching Wind-chime.  Creating that deep crystal clear sound, we have a 200 mm center prism that can only be called "Epic," with a spanish accent of course as we picked them out of Spain!  


This unique piece provides a ton of visual and auditory dazzle.  Featuring four different shapes/sizes, there is a lot of varriation in tone and look!  Surrounding our Epic Prism are two 120 mm Colonials, 2 100 mm Chameleon Colonials, eight 76 mm Colonial prims, and a whole lot of 14 mm button prisms conneting it all together.


**The shape of the wood and tide pool will vary… each is one of a kind! You are welcome to be surprised by your unique piece or we can send you a picture before it ships.

Tide Pool 13 Blue

    Each Piece is unique & one of a kind!
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