Design Your Own Dazzle 7 Strand

Customizable in every way, our Etched Sun-catching Wind-chimes are a true work of art that you help create.  So enjoy the process and prepare to be serenaded by the crystal clear tones (pun totally intended lol) and a shower of rainbows when your masterpiece is brushed by wind or sun.  You can select your general color pattern and then swap or shift from the current color palate.


You make the choices and I do the dazzle and ship her out.  I've tried to include as many of your options as possible but if you see something on my site you would like to use in your creation please feel free to message me in your notes.  I will send you a picture of your final creation for approval before ship out!


Ready, set, GO! Choose your wood finish, color scheme, and crystal shape and we will begin preparing your very own Sun-catching Wind chime. Keeping true to our "utterly customizable" claim, we are very excited to offer etching so you can send a message to someone you love that will remind them how much you care with rainbows and whimsical sounds!


Meet the stars of the show!

1 5.5" Driftwood

1 8" Crystal Starfish #1, Sanddollar #2, or Spear #3

6 Crystals 3.5-5" 

18-30 14mm  Crystals (depending on the style Prism you choose)

1 Big Clear Button Crystal dazzles on top of the 8" center


I cannot wait to see what you create. 

Design Your Own Dazzle 7 Strand

Wood Finish
6 Surrounding Crystals
Custom Etching (+$15)
Center Crystal
  • Production Method

    We responsibly gather driftwood and rescue chandelier prisms from flea-markets and garage sales to create these truly unique treasures. Some pieces of wood are left "Au Natural" and provide that quintessential driftwood color. Fire ants are employed to prepare our barnacle and oyster-shell encrusted pieces for a dip in epoxy resin to hold them in place and make the wood shine. And finally, we are thrilled to offer our "Tide Pool" line which accentuates the natural dips and curves of the wood with rich pools of glistening epoxy expertly poured to give a spectacular water effect. Our chandelier prisms are cleaned and selected for their quality and cut. The different shapes provide a variety of sounds and brilliant rainbows, as we only use the best of what we find. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and be swept away by shower of rainbows and a chorus of sounds.

  • Sand Blast Etching

    Choose our signature phrase "With You in Sunshine and Storm" or write your own message, names, dates, etc... up to 40 characters. Your center 8" spear will carry your thoughts to you someone you've "dazzled" for years to come!

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