Glistening Fire Branch 5


Driftwood dimensions:  6" Length x 1"-2.5" Diameter

Height (bottom of the driftwood to bottom of the longest strand):  11"

Total strands: Five (1 centerpiece, 4 surrounding)



Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color and crystal combinations)  are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 

Glistening Fire Branch 5

  • Individual and Unique

    Get ready for a BLAZE of rainbows from this dazzling crystal suncathing windchime!  This beautiful branch of driftwood is lit up with flaming orange and yellow epoxy -- you might just think it's caught fire. In chorus line fashion, this spectacular piece features a large central Colonial prism and medallion accented with button crystals descending to four mini Colonials.

  • Glistening Collection

    A delicate branch of driftwood draped in a glistening epoxy resin is the perfect base for these shining chandelier prisms. Epoxy resin can be tinted with different colors or left crystal clear to enhance the natural colors of the wood. The glistening finish looks like you pulled this dazzling beauty straight from the ocean. Glass crystals have been recycled from antique chandeliers and other home decorations. 

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