Mermaid Necklace

Get ready to start converstaions with a truly original necklace that has so many dazzling things to say! A delicate cross-section of rustic driftwood is the perfect canvas for a Branded Mermaid who tells the story of a "Mermaid Scale" Crystal Chandelier Prisms Journey.   You will also get a 4x6 postcard and 4" window sticker of the Dazzling Driftwood origingal painting.


Your dazzling aquisition will come on a choker length piece of stretch cord to give the effect that your necklace is suspened on water like the painting!  If you would like a longer cord just let me know and I will give you more cord and leave it open so you can choose you exact lenght.  Also, the wide top will accommodate most necklaces you have in your box.

Mermaid Necklace


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