Oystershell 11 Colonials


Driftwood dimensions:  5.5" Length x 4" Diameter

Height (top of the driftwood to bottom of the longest strand):  11"

Total strands: Eleven (1 centerpiece, 10 surrounding)



Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color and crystal combinations)  are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 

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Oystershell 11 Colonials

  • Individual and Unique

    This magnificent and rare Barnacle and Oystershell encrusted driftwood is truly "Dazzling" and serves as the perfect canvas for eleven strands of chandelier crystals. The center features an eight inch Colonial crystal, paired with an elegant medallion. It is accented by two strands of Button crystals and Aurora Borealius squares, descending to four inch Aurora Borealius Colonial crystals.  The piece gains even more dimension as eight strands of Button crystals and Aurora Borealius squares bring this piece to life with four inch Colonial crystals. When displayed outdoors, in sunshine and on a breeze, the effect is a shower of rainbows accompanied by a symphony of soothing, crystal sounds. 

  • Barnacles Collection

    Barnacle-encrusted driftwood meets gleaming chandelier crystals. Both elements of this incredible suncatching wind chime have been on an epic journey which has led them to you. After spending months in a bed of fire ants, the barnacle driftwood is coated in glistening epoxy resin for shine and preservation. Glass crystals have been recycled from antique chandeliers and other home decorations.

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