Natural jewels have attached themselves to this dramatically dark piece of rustic driftwood and now they not only sparkle with a coat of epoxy resin, they drip with crystal chandelier prisms creating a truly epic Suncatching Windchime.


After a swift ride on the ocean currents, this stunning piece spent three months in a bed of fire ants who cleaned off any remaining biological matter then a dip in our glistening epoxy resin to make them shine and lock them in place.  Our drill bit smoked as we prepared our "canvas" to be fitted with multiple shapes and sizes of show stopping crystal prisms.  All of our connectors are chrome and will never rust!  Our hook eyes are made of zink and will rust over time as they become brown... "part of the wood" and all you will see are your crystals dazzling in the air:)


Grab your favorite glass of vino and get ready to bask in a shower of rainbows and a symphony of crystal clear tones from your one of a kind work of art!  


She measures 7.25" Wide by 13" Tall (top of the wood to bottom of the spear) and 5" Deep... she is a big girl with a lot of DAZZLE!!!!

Oystershell 13 Clear

    Each Piece is unique & one of a kind!
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