Get ready to enjoy your morning coffee with a side of rainbows and relaxing tones as this fabulous Crystal Chandelier Prism and Driftwood Wind Chime truly dazzles with a breath of wind or a ray of sunshine. This elegant design feature seven strands of stunning prisms which truly dazzle from glistening driftwood. 


The wood measures 6" and the chime is 11.5" from the bottom of the spectacular crystals to the top of the fabulous wood.


The shape of the wood and tide pool will vary… each is one-of-a-kind!  You are welcome to be surprised by your unique piece or we can send you a picture before it ships.



Glistening 7 Yellow

  • We responsibly gather driftwood and rescue chandelier prisms from flea-markets and garage sales to create these truly unique treasures. Some pieces of wood are left "Au Natural" and provide that quintessential driftwood color. Fire ants are employed to prepare our barnacle and oyster-shell encrusted pieces for a dip in epoxy resin to hold them in place and make the wood shine. And finally, we are thrilled to offer our "Tide Pool" line which accentuates the natural dips and curves of the wood with rich pools of glistening epoxy expertly poured to give a spectacular water effect. Our chandelier prisms are cleaned and selected for their quality and cut. The different shapes provide a variety of sounds and brilliant rainbows, as we only use the best of what we find. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and be swept away by shower of rainbows and a chorus of sounds.

Each Piece is unique & one of a kind!
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