Natural 3


Driftwood dimensions:  5" Length x 2" Diameter

Height (top of the driftwood to bottom of the longest strand):  11"

Total strands: Three (1 centerpiece, 2 flanks)



Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color and crystal combinations)  are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 

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Natural 3

Decorative Etching
  • Individual and Unique

    A 5" piece of rustic driftwood makes a perfect canvas to hang three strands of crystal chandeleir prisms creating a truly unique piece. Dazzling indoors or out, an 8" crystal spear sits center stage under a sparkling 2" octogon with two 2.5” mermaid scale tear drops dazzling from either side. So get ready for your rainbows and crystal clear chimes, you will be dazzled for years to come!

  • The Natural Collection

    The ocean is the artist when it comes to these unrefined driftwood branches. After bathing in saltwater and basking in the sun, these pieces of wood are cut to size to create the base of many dazzling designs. The refined beauty of glass crystals have been recycled from antique chandeliers and other home decorations complement the rustic nature of these sun-bleached beauties.

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