TidePool 7 Ocean Blue, 6"w x 3"d. This suncatching windchime is a work of art from top to bottom. First, a naturally sculpted cavern in the driftwood is filled with a pool of glistening blue epoxy resin. Next, 7 strands of dazzling crystal chandelier prisms are affixed with stainless steel screws and are joined with chrome pins. This piece features an 8" crystal spear and elegant medallion encircled by six strands of Button crystals and Aurora Borealius squares descending to 4" Colonial Crystals. Outdoors, in sunshine and on a breeze, the effect is a "Dazzling" shower of rainbows accompanied by soothing crystal tones. Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color/crystal, etc.) are customizable at no additional cost. Please leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference.

Tidepool 7 Ocean Blue

Personalized Etching
    Each Piece is unique & one of a kind!
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