Tidepool Mermaid Tail 9


Dimensions: 16" Long x 7.5" Wide

Total strands: 9 (1 centerpiece, 8 flanking)



Dazzling Driftwood configurations (color and crystal combinations)  are customizable at no additional charge. Leave a message in the Notebox as to your preference. 


Tidepool Mermaid Tail 9

  • Individual and Unique

    Beautiful iridescent bohemian crystals adorn a uniquely shaped driftwood branch featuring small "tidepools" filled with teal epoxy resin. Not only is the sound enchanting, but the rainbow show is something wonderful to behold!

  • Mermaid Tails

    Sculpted by the wind and waves, this uniquely shaped driftwood creates a special platform from which a dazzling display of crystals cascade.

  • The Tidepool Collection

    The natural dips and hollows of the rugged driftwood branch serve as basins for swirling pools of epoxy resin. Sapphire blue, seafoam green and caribbean teal are just some of the resin colors that are hand-mixed to create these magical tidepools. Glass crystals that have been recycled from antique chandeliers and other home decorations cascade down from the driftwood like the little treasures you find in natural tidepools.

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