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Dazzling Tootsies Prototype/Discounted Heels Size 9

Dazzling Tootsies Prototype/Discounted Heels Size 9

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Get the glamour of handmade heels at a serious discount with this exact pair of Clear Heels inspired by Marilyn Monroe's iconic pair. Over three years in development, we have a handful of our prototype heels we are blowing out at incredible price. This pair has outstanding shape, shine, and form but has yellowed to become more of a "champagne" color. There is a photo with a "clear" heel sitting on top so you can see the exact difference. We no longer use this epoxy company for this reason but are still confident they will dazzle someone's tootsies soon. Additionally, and they are so small they are difficult to photograph, but if you look very closely you can see tiny "floaters" in the heels. These are itty-bitty flakes of epoxy we failed to get out of the mold before pouring this pair.

They come with a set of 3M non-skid pads installed, red-velvet toppers, a set of white ribbons, and ribbon lacing tool.  Feel free to reach out with any questions... we love to Dazzle You!

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