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Driftwood Eagle Chandelier

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A once in a lifetime piece of driftwood creats the silhouette of an eagle in flight make the perfect canvas for one light 56 strand Chandelier. He measures 2 1/2 feet from wingtip to wingtip by 2 feet from the top of the wing to the bottom of the lamp globe. Glistening epoxy resin feels the cavities of any spot created by the wind and waves in this barnacle encrusted piece of see sculpture. 56 strands of varying sizes of crystal chandelier spears make up the feather like a fact which creates a Dazzling show. Three colors of blue and green make up the hundreds of putting crystals that create the look you see before you. Water like Apoxsee resin is dripped down the neck of the piece surrounded by high-quality Vintage pearls, and the bulb looks as if water is dripping down and it will be like that forever.