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Looking for a truly unique gift or something special for your home?

Dazzling Driftwood shines with our sun-catching wind chimes, lighted chandeliers, and other dazzling coastal inspired creations. Our crystal adorned seaborne timber sculptures make great conversation starters. The driftwood and crystals we use in our products will transport you through glistening waves and sandy beaches from the comfort of your own home. Through our store, you can own a piece of Florida's stunning beaches.


We provide wooden art fixtures that serve a purpose. Whether you're looking to illuminate your home in Auburndale, Florida, or you want to play with sunlight, you can own one of our unique sun catchers and chandeliers. Each featured piece is one-of-a-kind and will become your favorite home decoration.



 "Love, Love,Love your setup and all of your dazzling pieces... absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn’t decide on just one so I bought two of them... lol." 


                        -Denise Hoecherl

"This little treasure of a shop, offers so much more than just buying a bauble. It is an amazing experience! There’s so much thought and creativity, that goes in to each and every piece. The idea of upcycled crystal chandeliers that once proudly hung in someone’s formal room, now dance in the sunlight and create beautiful prismatic rainbows. They’re accompanied with a free formed piece of wood that has had a life of adventure in the ocean and has now washed ashore, waiting to be adorned and when it’s complete, the wind ever so gently blows thru and the melody is that of a mermaid’s laughter."


                                               -Michelle Sprague

The Hidden Treasures Of  China... 

                                                      visit here:


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”                                                                   ― John Holmes

         Hidden Treasures China was founded by Mike and Deena Van’t Hul in 2005. Located in a small village in rural China, their home became a sanctuary for orphaned children having significant special needs. Over the years, Hidden Treasures has grown to include a nursing home for elderly widows; a school for children with special needs, as well as one for children who do not have special needs; an animal shelter; a home for single mothers and their children – just to name a few. The message they try to impart to their community is simple. As members of God’s family, we are responsible to care to orphans and widows as our own. To our Father, this is justice and love.


          As a supporter of this incredible work in China, 5% of every sale will go to this wonderful mission.




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