A Dazzling Little Dream

A Dazzling Little Dream

Dazzling Dreams really do come true! All that and more has come to pass via the most precious gift I’ve ever received. A dazzling, 6 lb. 11 oz., 19 inch baby girl, so beautiful and serene, with the face of an Angel … believe it or not she was accidentally named … “Angelic.” I've often requested my daughter have it legally corrected. Each time my plea was denied, she has always known her name was not an accident! An embarrassing story goes along here, but we will have to save for another time. As I’ve come to learn, and often times in total amazement, she was right. You know her as Angel Sims of Dazzling Driftwood and now Dazzling Tootsies fame! Who knew this smiling bundle would end up producing the most sparkly/amazing windchimes on the planet (in my totally bias opinion!)

Blessed with such a sweet treasure as Angel, I think it will be fascinating to share what it is like to rear and keep up with this Dazzling “Angelic” Daughter. How could her Dad and I ever be more proud of all she has accomplished? Incredible stories go along with each of the remarkable milestones in her life. In her younger years Angel accomplished a lot; Little Miss Fairbanks Alaska, Successful Competitive Figure skater, Vermont’s Junior Miss of 1989 just to name a few. As an adult, her dazzling conquests continue with Decades of Ministry to Children, a Master’s Degree in Ministerial Leadership, and an Adjunct Professorship at Southeastern University in Lakeland. Angel also serves her community as a Guardian et Litem, and as a member of the Polk County Planning Commission.

Mother of two wonderful sons, and wife to David Sims owner of Action Watersports, Auburndale, FL, Angel continues to exhibit boundless energy in all her endeavors. Now she is a bon-a-fide Entrepreneur/Artist who has launched two new businesses in only 4 years, “Dazzling Driftwood” and “Dazzling Tootsies!” Inspired by Marilyn Monroe's signature pair of Lucite shoes, our Angel is the first person on the planet to bring epoxy resin shoes to market! This is already an epic journey with lots to share.

How honored we are to be on this most fantastic journey with our precious daughter as she creates the most amazing rainbow showering windchimes bringing sunshine and crystal symphonies to all who gaze upon them. May she continue to receive continued inspiration from the one responsible for it all … our heavenly Father!

Look for our new "Blog" on the first of each month! What the heck is a Blog anyway??? Not an appealing name that’s for sure LOL … Oh, well, I’d best get used to all these communication tools. Sincerely hoping you will find the stories of Angel and her adventures interesting and I welcome questions and comments if that is an appropriate thing for a blog … who knew I’d ever be writing about her but I assure you the stories will be worth the read. Next Month: “ The Junior Miss Journey!” Pay close attention there could be a trivia question on a future “Dazzle Live”, Fridays at 7pm est. See you then. Happy New Year everyone! With Love, Momma Dazzle

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