Lots of Dazzling Things Happening

Lots of Dazzling Things Happening

Hi! It’s Angel Sims of Dazzling Driftwood and welcome to my very first blog post. Exciting events are coming up at the CDC, (Center for Dazzling Control), where driftwood and crystal are combined resulting in sun-catching  “Windeliers” that produce stunning displays of rainbows accompanied by soothing, crystal sounds. Each week I’ll be posting interesting stories of adventures had in search of these treasures as well as highlighting the techniques used in the processing of each unique creation.


We can actually thank COVID-19 for something Dazzling. When the markets and festivals all closed down I pondered just how to keep showering the world with rainbows and of course Facebook came to mind as a way to hang out with my friends. A half an hour zooms by as I share the latest discoveries and designs. This is where you will get first pic of my most remarkable creations.

Just before the show wraps up, we spin the “Wheel of Dazzle” that features various discounts, free earrings, necklace, BOGOs and more. But wait there's more... each Dazzle Live ends with a giveaway! We randomly choose from those in attendance and draw a winner. The more people the bigger the Dazzle! It’s an exciting and very shiny half hour and I’m hoping you’ll join me the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 7:00pm est.

These days, who knows what the future holds even in the simplest of terms. Will we be permitted to shop for family and friends in person this upcoming holiday season or will it be a strictly on line experience? Either way, Dazzling Driftwood is hosting a Christmas in July Sale to help with the list of those you would like to “Dazzle” this year. A 20% discount to all online or in person studio orders will be honored between now and the end of July. Enter promo code MerryChristmas at checkout!

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