Marilyn Monroe's Clear Heel "Cinderella Slippers" Part 2

Marilyn Monroe's Clear Heel "Cinderella Slippers" Part 2

Checkout the dazzling developments and a little history we discovered on our journey to create heels inspired by Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Cinderella Slipper" pair! From the moment we saw these magical shoes strapped to her beautiful feet, bringing these crystal clear wonders to the world has been an obsession.

We have our very own "Marilynette..." She is not even a model but sure has found her "Inner-Marilyn!"

We are thrilled to announce we have sizes 7, 8, & 9 in full production. Our size 6 molds are only days away and the 10's are coming soon. Dazzling Tootsies all over the globe are turning heads from New York to Norway.

All dolled up and ready release my inner-Marilyn

The origin of Marilyn's clear heels is one of much debate and speculation. Some claim hers were knock-offs of a design by the Celanese Corporation out of Texas. This article gives detail of "Jeweltone" shoes that were of a plastic material and clunky. We were able to de-bunk a little miss-information with a quick call to the company and conversation with Barbara, an employee of over 20 years.  

1950's Article and the shoes they were most likely describing

Barbara explained, the Celanese Corporation has not made a "finished product" in it's 100 year history. That undoes one important detail of the story. Next, the shoes found in this time frame are short pumps with plastic or leather straps which are affixed to the sole. There is no indication of any interchangeable ribbons, which is a big part of the design of Marilyn's pair. The most plausible explanations is, the Fox executives charged the costume department with creating a pair of "Cinderella Slippers" for their orphan starlet.

Marilyn is the only starlet to be photographed in these iconic shoes and now we can turn heads in her honor. It is shocking, how many people recognize our Dazzling Tootsies in relation to Marilyn... she and they are truly icons! Release your "Inner-Marilyn" and dazzle the world in epically vintage style!

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