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Art Deco Driftwood Suncatching Windchime 5

Art Deco Driftwood Suncatching Windchime 5

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An incredible piece of wood spent decades somewhere in the ocean to create this incredible Suncatching wind chime. Combining Driftwood, epoxy resin and real chandelier crystals to create a one of a kind Work of art that will tickle your ears, and mesmerize your eyes with the symphony of sound and flashes of rainbows, created by the crystals.

The deep crevices carved by the ocean gives  us the perfect places to pour glistening epoxy resin on both sides of this piece. The white pigmented epoxy falls to the bottom of the blue ink infused epoxy resin, creating a true ocean effect.

The crystals are spectacular in their own right. This piece features an 8 inch center colonial crystal surrounded by 20 mm² clear and aurora borealis crystals which are dripping with 76 and 50 my colonial crystals.

This eclectic fusion is pulled together with custom-made stainless steel hook eye screws, and each crystal is connected by chrome chandelier pins.

measures 6” wide by 11” tall

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