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Dazzling Tootsie Clear Platform Heels

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Prepare to turn heads as you stride around town in clear platform heels inspired by Marilyn Monroe's "Cinderella Slippers!"  Welcome to the world's first shoes made from epoxy resin.  Fantastic for  walking, dancing, shopping, or flat out jaw dropping, these platform shoes are shockingly comfortable and stable.  

Our redesign of the originals makes them much more practical for wear while maintaining the vintage feel with the rounded heel and sleek design.  In discussion with Kelli Garner, star of "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe," the pair created by Gersha Phillips (exact reproductions) were spectacular but "impossible to walk in."

To the best of our knowledge, and we have looked/asked experts, these two pairs, Marilyn's and the pair for the movie, are the only ever created until now!  Marilyn's are the "holy grail" of her items... no one know what happened to them and the reproductions are at a movie studio somewhere.

Just like Marilyn, you will have an infinite number of color choices as the ribbons are changed in minutes.  Each pair comes with white, black, and red ribbon but go to any fabric shop and the full rainbow is available to you for a few dollars.  We also fit each shoe with a clear "non-skid" pad and a replacement pair for walking on tile, hardwood, etc.

Substantially heavier than the average shoe at 1.5-2 lbs. each, once on your feet the weight seems to provide a secure feeling and melts into your stride as the ribbon straps them firmly to your feet. Because of the wide open design we offer whole size that fit very well. 

Each shoe is literally made by hand. As with anything hand made, there will be minor imperfections such as the holes the ribbons go through... look closely at the photos and you will see what we mean... HAND MADE!

Size Chart in inches from heel to toe: 

6 measures 9 1/8th inches 

7 measures 9 3/8th inches

8 measures 9 5/8th inches

9 measures 10 inches

Do not worry, these shoes are virtually unbreakable!  Epoxy resin is one of the strongest mediums out there. Soon we will conduct drop tests just to find out exactly how strong, but rest assured they can handle your best dance moves!

The only problem you will have is planning enough time to talk to everyone about the phenomenon on your tootsies.  The sound they make is remarkable and when the heads turn to find your feet... the conversations will begin.  Eyes will pop as curious admirers ask about  your dazzling footwear.  Then you can take them home and put them on your mantle as a work of art.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the dazzling developments.  *******Estimated delivery time on these is currently 2-3 weeks, I cannot figure out how to get rid of the words that say 2-4 days (that applies to our Suncatching Windchimes.) Each pair are made to order and we will keep you posted along the way.