Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of Florida’s beaches, we travel from coastline to coastline scouring beaches for the raw materials we transform into our nautical-themed, unique creations for your home in our Dazzling Driftwood workshop and studio centrally located in Auburndale, Florida.

         We custom design and hand make wind chimes, sun catchers, chandeliers, and other light fixtures from salvaged driftwood and crystal chandelier prisms. We offer four varieties of wood finishes and chandelier crystals in a range of sizes and shapes for endless combinations of dazzle.

         After responsibly-gathered driftwood has been carefully selected and transported to our workshop, the magic begins. Each piece spends weeks in an eco-friendly process to clean and reveal the natural beauty of the wood. Driftwood pieces encrusted with barnacles or oyster shells from its epic journey on the high seas spend a little extra time in our Fire Ant piles to get them spic and span. While the driftwood is being beautified, we handpick reclaimed chandelier crystals to accent the piece and create a fantastic fusion of the weathered and the shiny. The finished result is a one-of-a-kind creation that is sure to “Dazzle!”

         Dazzling Driftwood showpieces are sure to become the new favorite home decoration and conversation starter, whether you want an accent piece for your porch like the Etched Sun-Catching Wind Chime, a personalized housewarming gift like Peace & Quiet, or a show-stopping Three Light Chandelier.

      Each of our designs is totally unique and completely customizable. Our products can be commissioned or engraved. We also offer a carefully curated box that includes all the materials you need to Build Your Own Dazzle. Choose one to create by yourself or select several to create with a crowd for a unique ladies night in.

        Shop today to find your very own piece of Florida’s stunning beaches with Dazzling Driftwood. If you would like to be the first to find out about the treasures we discover and get exclusive discounts, sign up here for our Dazzling Diva newsletter. We also share coastal decor inspiration, beachcombing tips and tricks, driftwood processing how-tos, chandelier crystal ideas, and more.

                                                                                                                 Have Dazzling Dreams,

                                                                                                                   Angel Sims

Frequently asked 


How did you come up with the idea?


As a "shabby-chicker" I wandered through countless flea-markets looking for something fabulous to renew when a porcelain bucket of prisms glistened from under the dust.  I did not know what I would do with them, just that they belonged with me.  As soon as I got home I set them on the back porch next to a pile of driftwood and VOILA the elements fused in my mind.  I wove a few pieces together, fixed my newly found treasure and watched as the light danced and rainbows filled my room.  A few months later, I took my creation to my booth at a local vintage shop and it sold within days... that's I knew other people were dazzled too! 

Won't the crystals break in the wind?


Nope... and the reasons took are fascinating!  Our creations are made with crystal which is at least 30% lead and thus, harder than glass.  The lead allows artists to shape and cut in a way that regular glass cannot handle giving us our rainbows and added strength/weight.  Additionally, we design our wind-chimes to move in subtle symmetry allowing the prisms to brush against each other as they dance in the wind instead of odd weights that "bang" against one another.

Please bring them in in case of tropical storm, hurricane, or if you are fast a tornado.  Other than that just make sure your chime will not hit anything hard and you are good to dazzle in any breeze.  

Where do I hang them?


This is an ever growing list.  Our Sun-catching Wind Chimes are designed to go outdoors, ideally near a window so you get the complete show of the crystal clear tones and rainbows on your walls.  There are just so many places!  Gardens become more dazzling, screen porches, windows, over your fireplace, even from your ceiling fan.  One dazzler added a piece to the bottom of her chandelier making it "chandelier".  Inside those small windows in your shower... our chrome pins won't rust.  The thing is, when you get one you will suddenly see all sorts of areas to dazzle.

Do you get the driftwood yourself?


Yes. it's actually a family affair!  We strap on our boots, sunscreen, lots of bug spray and hit the beaches & mangroves. We weep a little as we find driftwood burned in campfires but imagine the fun had by good friends, plus we make sure to pick up trash all along the way.  

Now we have kayaks bringing us beautiful pieces, our studio is in side a fantastic kayak shop, Action Watersports.

Where do you get your crystals?


Our crystal literally come from all over the world!  Most of our treasure hunting at flea markets, estate sales, and we have secret shoppers who are constantly on the lookout. PLUS... we buy crystals from friends like you!

Do you do custom work?

Yes, we love making Dazzling dreams come true... just give us a glimpse of your vision and we will make it happen?  We can tweak any design you see or start from scratch; you just say the word.

Do you use acrylic beads?


NO, NO, NO... no plastic, no where, no how, not even on our tags! You will find only glass and high quality crystals here.

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